Chap & Chink Order Form

Because our chaps and chinks are custom made to your measurements and specifications, it is important to measure accurately.  Please contact us with any questions about where and how to measure to ensure a perfect custom fit!  The measurements indicated below are needed to provide you with properly fitting chaps and chinks.  Please measure with boots, with about two-fingers width under tape.  Please fill out the form below after you have placed your order.


1.  Waist : (Measure around waist where chap belt will be worn)

2.  Upper Thigh:  (Circumference at thickest part)

3.  Mid Thigh:  (Circumference at thickest part)

4.  Above Knee:  (Circumference about 4" above knee)

5.  Calf:  (Circumference at thickest part including top of boot)

6.  Inseam:  (From crotch to floor with boots on)

7.  Length:  (From top of chap belt to bottom of chap, including fringe)

8.  Length of fringe:  (Short = 3 1/2", Medium = 4", Long = 5", or custom)

9.  Knee:  (Only needed for full length chaps. Circumference at center of knee with a slight bend) 

Leather Color Preference(s):

Custom Brand or Initials: