Groundwork Book- Buck Brannaman

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Buck Brannaman

This book contains some ideas for you and your horse to work through to get more comfortable with each other. There are many ways of going about working with horses and there is no right or wrong way, however you may find as I have, that there are things we all have learned to do that has very little to do with actually riding the horse. The groundwork information contained in this will help you to prepared both you and your horse for situations that unfortunately sometimes occur at the worst time. Perhaps when that big thunderhead is building off in the distance one day you can simply don your slicker and carry on! There are many things that accidentally occur with a horse but if he's gentle and trusts you as a friend, then he'll allow you to help him out of trouble, instead of seeing you as the trouble.

This is a great companion to Buck's Groundwork DVD also available!

Buck Brannaman - Groundwork Book