Custom Chaps & Chinks Measurement Guide

Our Chaps and Chinks are made to order to your measurements and specifications.  Below is our chap measurement guide as well as a quick video to give detailed instructions on how and where to measure to ensure a good fit. Call us with any questions or concerns 800-487-2692.
1. Waist (measure below natural waist; right below belt loops)
2. Upper Thigh (measure heaviest part of thigh)
3. Mid Thigh (measure half way between upper thigh and knee)
4. Lower Thigh (measure lowest part of thing)
9. Above Knee (measure right above knee)
7a. Length (Total length from top of chap belt to bottom of where you want fringe to hit; usually mid-calf)
**FOR CHAPS:  Measure 1-9 above plus 5-7b below:
6. Inseam (measure from crotch to floor with boots on)
7b. Length (measure outseam length from chap belt to floor with boots on)
5. Calf (measure mid calf with boots on)

Chap Leg Measurement Guide